In Italy at last!

It’s 1145 local time and we’ve just arrived in Italy again. Guess what? It’s snowing. Why? It isn’t April 1st yet!

Our train is 17 minutes late. What a surprise! We’ve not yet been on a train on this line which wasn’t late. Never mind, we’ve given ourselves an hour’s transfer time at Turin before the next leg to Florence.

1401 now. We got the Florence train ok and are now on our way. The weather is grim and grey as we head out across the flat rice paddies, so familiar from the last leg in November. This Italo train is very comfortable but discipline with noise from electronic devices is poor, making it quite difficult to get much needed sleep. There are surprisingly few passengers on board. Next stop is Milano Centrale. After Florence it continues to Rome and on to Reggio Calabria in the far south. Julie just suggested we stay on the train to Rome and spend the next four weeks there. There’s plenty to do there. What an idea!

Left Milan about 1445 and the sun is shining. Next stop Florence.

Familiar landscape near Fidenza

Arrived in Florence on time and in time to catch an earlier service to Lucca than we’d planned. It’s beautifully sunny this side of the Apennines with a light dusting of snow on the hilltops. Let’s hope that bodes well for the rest of the week. There’s clearly lots to see in Florence but we can’t do everything. We’ll just have come back another day.

Our ongoing train arrived on time at Lucca. It was then a brisk walk over the city wall past the duomo and across the city to our lodgings in Via Del Moro; the same place we stayed at in November.

Lucca’s Duomo and campanile at night

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  1. Looking forward to the final instalment.
    I hope the weather (and bodies!) hold out and it’s good that you’ve allowed more time to savour your adventure. Buon viaggio!