It’s good to be back in Bar-sur-Aube again nearly seven weeks after we left off our walk. It’s been a tad warmer today with the temperature still around 28 degrees in late afternoon.

We left St Pancras on the Eurostar at 1022, after a dreadful night’s sleep in a hotel in St Pancras right on a busy main road. However we did enjoy a very happy evening last night with Goddaughter Az in a nearby curry house.

The Eurostar all went reasonably smoothly despite being so much more complicated now since Brexit. Another example of the utter stupidity of Brexit. Sadly you don’t see much of the countryside as most of the way the line is sunk into a cutting. And, of course, the train is travelling at about 180mph. Lots of whizzing!

Paris was warm but refreshing and it was an easy walk from the Gare du Nord to the Gare de l’Est. We were a little confused as to where our train departed from but we soon worked it out and arrived tickets in hand to the right quai. Tickets in hand but nobody or machine to check them, either in Paris or Bar-sur-Aube. The train was very full as far as Troyes. We wondered how many of the passengers had bothered with tickets!

In Bar the flags were still up by the Mairie advertising the forthcoming Tour de France stage, and the gardens had been rejuvenated in the square since we were last here in April.

Having found our hotel the Pomme d’Or and checked in, we spent the rest of the afternoon sizing up and adjusting Julie’s new rucsack.

Tomorrow will be warm so we’ll go for an early start, and see if we can get to Clairvaux before the heat becomes oppressive. We’re going to have to get used to this. They’re forecasting 38 degrees for the weekend!

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