Coronavirus stops us in our tracks

Sadly, Coronavirus has resulted in a temporary curtailment of our pilgrimage to Rome. We were due to have left Canterbury yesterday, and to cross to Calais on the ferry tomorrow. However, continuation at this time would be impossible, since France went into lockdown ten days ago and now the UK too.

We’d got as far as Bearsted, just east of Maidstone , with an estimated two and a half days walk to Canterbury. We’d thought about doing that last weekend but the logistics proved too difficult, without using public transport and nowhere open to stay or eat.

All very tiresome really, since we’d got our fitness up to a decent level; we were making good time and thoroughly enjoying the improvement in the weather. However, it’s not half as tiresome as it must be for those poor people under lockdown in cities across the globe, and especially for those who are suffering from Covid 19 or who’ve lost loved ones to it. Our thoughts go out to them. Sadly, our Plan B, to self-isolate on the boat and go off sailing instead, is not one of the legitimate activities! At least we are lucky enough to have a garden, and we can still go for walks from home, so long as we keep our distance from others. We have a feeling that the garden, much neglected since we bought the boat, is going to look great this year. And, of course, we’ll be around to fend off the rabbits!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us in various ways: giving us lifts to and from the start and end points of our days, providing accommodation etc, and to all those who have made generous donations to our three charities. Rest assured, this is not the end of our walk. It’s just a temporary delay, though we fear it may well be for months, rather than weeks. We shall be back on the road to Rome again, just as soon as we can.

In the meantime, perhaps we shall blog about progress in the garden!

The garden benefits from our temporary curtailment

To Julie’s former colleagues at the Salisbury Hospital thank you for all you’re doing for all of us. To all our friends and supporters, stay well and keep chipper. To those of you who have succumbed, we hope you get well soon!

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  1. Thanks, Tom and Julie. Sad to hear, though not at all surprised. Best we all stay home, safe and well for the time being. Watched a thing on Netflix last night about 10?/12? guys walking the entire Camino de Santiago, part of which I did with friends a few years back. Very interesting – you might enjoy it. Take care…and see you when I see you!