DAY 71 – Rest day in ORBE

Our landlord recommended a Japanese restaurant for supper last night, though it was probably more accurately described as asiatic, but it turned out to be pretty good. We got a bit lost getting to it, but from the old city walls could see the expansive industrial area around the old town. The biggest employer here is Nestle, and there are other factories too.

On the horizon we had a clear and unmistakable view of Mont Blanc well covered in snow. Though still some way ahead, the Alps now begin to feel within our reach. If all goes to plan, we should be in the mountains within a week, with a massive climb up to the Grand Saint Bernard pass and over into Italy. An exciting, if daunting, prospect!

Ours was the open window above the door of the old Priory

Unfortunately there were two bars across the road from our billet which stayed open late and reopened early for the market traders, so our sleep was more curtailed than we’d have liked for a rest day. Nonetheless we took the opportunity to stay in bed until late and then wandered out to find a boulangerie to buy breakfast.

Laundry done – with the luxury of a washing machine and dryer! – we went in search of a nice lunch followed by the additional luxury of a siesta. We find ourselves completely exhausted on our rest days, as if our bodies have had enough of the challenge of walking all day every day.

Our other main task today was to sort out our onwards route which, with multiple choices suggested by different guides, require forward planning to avoid unnecessary detours or overly long days. At least this time we don’t need to worry about finding accommodation – just whether they will try to cancel at the last minute, as happened at Mouthier.

We didn’t get to explore Orbe today as our priority was to rest and do as little walking as possible, but we’ll add it to the list of nice looking places to return to another time.

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